Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai

What is Breast Reduction surgery?

For women perfect breast is quiet essential, when a female has extremely huge breast it disturbs her look and makes her a source of attention for others. In such cases when they need proper symmetrical and perfectly curved breast they look for alternative and to this breast reduction surgery is best cosmetic surgery for them.

Breast reduction surgery is an enhanced cosmetic surgery that can help reduce those breasts which have received extremely large and abnormal appearances. It involves removal of excess fat to achieve comfortable and proportionate breast for perfect figure.

Breast reduction surgery helps achieve better body contours with which a female can gain right self confidence and in cases when better results of breast reduction surgery is needed clinic like Marmm can provide best breast reduction surgery in Mumbai.

Why Is It Best?

  • It Provide firmer and better breast.
  • Makes it easy for mother to feed his child.
  • Marmm offers better results with minimum breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai
  • It can also reduce size of extra large nipple and areola size.
  • With this surgery women can get back to physical activities.

Types of Breast Reduction surgery

There are various types of breast reduction surgery available that can be provided depending upon the breast conditions and expectation of the patient. Some of the relevant breast reductions surgery can be:

breast reduction surgery Cost in Mumbai
  • The Lollipop Method – When females are concerned about their extremely large breast which has sagging skin and seems to be hanging they can choose to go for lollipop breast reduction surgery. In these types of surgery an incision is made around the nipple to tighten breast size.
  • The Anchor Method – When female has a relevant distance or crease between breast and the nipple the Anchor breast reduction surgery can be chosen. This can eliminate any problems of droop appearance that exist in breasts.
  • The Crescent Method – This is a suitable method that is tailored to eliminate any such issues of downward nipples. In such cases there is usual sitting of breasts and thus incision is created at the northern end of the areola. With crescent breast reduction surgery excess skin between the breast and nipple can be removed.
  • The circumareolar method – In this method incision is made throughout the entire circumference of the areola. The circumareolar breast reduction surgery surgeon can effectively craft the desired breast. Using this method excess skin around the nipple can be removed and then the nipples are stitched for achieving natural and reduced state.

Why We

While this is the most advance cosmetic clinic, The Marmm Clinic has worked hard to achieve excellence in almost all the procedures. Bringing in all the latest technique and advance procedures altogether, the doctors at clinic work hard to bring in most appropriate results in an individual. The achievements of the clinic are worth noticing.

Get Satisfactory Results

The doctors of the clinic and the patient comes to a common decision for the achievement of better results of the surgery.

Achieve Better Results With Better Procedure

Marmm adopts new techniques and procedures and thus evaluate better and enhanced results.

The clinic has achieved artistry in aesthetic field and the entire team of the clinic is working dedicatedly to achieve the utmost satisfaction of its patient. Achieving just the best results so far, Marmm is a clinic famous for enhanced results. Having its clinic in Indore, it is all set to create a remarkable history in the field of cosmetic surgeries with its Mumbai clinic now.

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Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery

  • It helps obtain improved looks with better figure.
  • It can achieve better symmetry.
  • It helps you avoid pain & discomfort caused due to large breasts.
  • It can eradicate issues related to unwanted attentions.
  • It helps fight back pain as well caused to breast size.

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